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It’s time to be one step ahead of productivity. You've made the right decision to track your precious time. Work, study or just have fun with our stopwatch and pomodoro timer. Define strategies to improve yourself, easily learn how to use our tools and enjoy a safe journey to Spatio!

Features and usability

WebSpatio provides an alternative to keep track of your time and productivity, hobbies, habits or anything that may suit you.


Simple and easy, use it to track your time while working or just chilling at home. ;)


Disable Pomodoro breaks and you can fully use it as a simple and functional timer.


Complete Pomodoro timer to help you achieve your goals and keep on truckin'.


1 Play/pause:

You can use it to play or stop the timer.

2 Stop:

Set the timer back to zero, fresh start.

3 Add lap:

You can add a lap.

4 Reset all:

Reset all laps.


1 Play/pause:

Start and pause the cycle.

2 Restart cycle:

Here you can reset the actual cycle on your timer.

3 Skip to break:

While the timer is running you can skip to the cycle break.

4 Skip break:

You can skip your brake to start the next cycle.

Pomodoro settings

1 Cards:

The card that will be set on the counter is marked with an orange indicator.

5 Cycles:

Set how many cycles of focus you'll have.

2 Card open state:

Here you can set the time, break and cycles of your pomodoro counter.

6 Delete card:

Click it to delete the card.

3 Timer:

Set the minutes on focus.

7 Edit name:

Edit the card name.

4 Break:

Set the minutes on break.

8 Allow breaks:

Enable breaks for pomodoro or disable to use timer only.


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Frequently asked questions

What features are included in the extension?

Stopwatch and Pomodoro timer.

How can I only use the timer?

How important is it to track your time?

Are all features free?

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